Specialty Codes

Physicians receive additional training, beyond medical school, in their specialty.  Each possible specialty and its code is listed below.  You will see these codes used in our "Find a DO" section.

ADD Addictive Disease 
OOP Otorhinolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgery 
AI Allergy and Immunology 
OPH Ophthalmology 
AN Anesthesiology 
OR Orthopedics 
C Cardiology 
ORS Orthopedic Surgery 
CHP Child Psychiatry 
OTR Otorhinolaryngology 
CVD Cardiovascular Diseases 
P Psychiatry 
D Dermatology 
PAN Pediatric Anesthesiology 
DR Diagnostic Radiology 
PD Pediatrics 
EM Emergency Medicine 
PH Public Health 
END Endocrinology 
PLR Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
FOP Forensic Pathology 
PM Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
FP Family Practice 
PMR Pain Management/Rehab Medicine 
GE Gastroenterology 
PR Proctology 
GER Geriatrics 
PTH Pathology 
GS Gynecological Surgery 
PUL Pulmonary Medicine 
ICE Cardiac Electrophysiology 
PVM Preventive Medicine 
ID Infectious Diseases 
PYM Psychosomatic Medicine 
IM Internal Medicine 
R Radiology 
MFM Maternal and Fetal Medicine 
RHU Rheumatology 
N Neurology 
RM Rehabilitation Medicine 
NE Neonatology 
S General Surgery 
NEP Nephrology 
SCL Sclerotherapy 
OBG Obstetrics and Gynecology 
SM Sports Medicine 
OBS Obstetrics 
TS Thoracic Surgery 
OE Occupational/Environmental Medicine 
U Urology 
OGS Obstetric/Gynecologic Surgery 
URS Urological Surgery 
OM Occupational and Preventive Medicine 
CF College Faculty 
OMM Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine 
MSU Military Service 
OMT Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment 
RET Retired